Welcome to the WE Rewards Program!

WeekendsEve offers an exclusive community based 2-tier rewards program. The programs allow team members to earn points and/or commissions on every purchase. For additional information, see below:

WE Reward Loyalty

  • Sign Up

    Create an account where points will be automatically credited from purchases.

  • Earn Points

    Earn points for every dollar spent, when logged into account.

  • Redeem Points

    Cash points out anytime redeemable towards any purhcase!

Double Up

Wrire a review on your first purchase to receive 2x points!!

Loyalty Program Info


The WE Reward Loyalty Program is an exclusive offer where approved members receive access to loyalty points, discounts, and rewards. Upon approval, members will receive a notification sent to the email account where all qualifying purchases are made and points approved. *Note: Accounts are required to receive rewards points but members can choose to opt out of email notifications. Opting out removes you from all email lists, which may result in missing out on details, exclusive promos & discounts.

  • Points awarded on qualifying purchases
  • Points are redeemable 45-days post-purchase
  • Points must be redeemed within the same calendar-year in which they were issued


Points are automatcially issued to accounts after every qualified purchase made. Points are redeemed as store credit in the form of a unique code sent when requested. Points details include:

  • 1 point added for every $1 spent
  • 250 points = $5
  • Points cannot be transferred, combined with other offers, sold or exchanged for cash or credit

Redeeming Points

Points can be redeemed at anytime once members reach the minimum redeemable amount of $10. Simply send in a request with the amount you would like to redeem and you will receive an email with a coupon code to be applied at checkout within 2 business days. The code is as good as cash and can be applied towards any purchase!

  • Points redeemable in $10 increments OR the full amount available
  • Exclusive coupon code sent to the email account on file
  • Code is good as cash, apply at checkout towards any purchasae


WE Reward Loyalty Porgram is limited to one account per customer. Team account owners are not eligible for an individual loyalty program account. Points are only redeemable by current and valid Reward Loyalty accounts. Points may not be eligible for some purchases, discounts and promotions, including but not limited to, end of year clearance sales, customized products, and more.

Points are automatically added to accounts after every purchase. Points are considered pending and non-redeemable until 45-days after the order has been fulfilled. Points are automatically deducted from any return, refund, or cancellation. Accounts must be up to date and current without any open or pending balances to redeem points. Points are considered redeemable 45-days after any exchanged order is fulfilled.

Points are valid for one-time use and redeemable in $10 increments for Team Accounts and $25 increments for Pro Accounts. Points can be redeemed for the full amount at any time past the above mentioned holding period. Cash or store credit will not be issued for any points lost, misplaced or misused by team members.

Points must be redeemed in the same calendar-year in which they were issued. The cut off date for the year of 2023, is November 17th. Any points issued past November 17th, 2023 will not be eligible until January 1st, 2024.

Points are not the same as digital gift cards. Money cannot be added or deducted from the points card. Any returns or the difference from an exchange will be issued in points.

The WE Rewards Loyalty Program is subject to change without notice at any time!

The WE Rewards Program is currently in the beta phase, with limited options, including accessing real-time points earned, product or brand exclusions, splitting points, and more. Any information not readiliy or for points update, email cs@WeekendsEve.com. Please allow up to 2 business days for points update and up to 10 business days for additional or custom requests.


WeekendsEve reserves the right to to adjust or cancel points in full due to any errors, including but not limited to, unauthorized points distributed, pricing errors, cancelled or exchanged orders, and more. Unless explicitly stated, points are not eligible on any promotions that require a promo code or receive an automatic discount at checkout. Points are eligible for select Instant Savings promotions, where the discount is visible on the product page.

WeekendsEve operates as an Authorized Reseller of all brands featured on the website. Any brand has the right to request to have their products excluded from the Rewards Program at anytime.

We reserve the right to cancel any rewards points and/or rewards account for any reason at anytime.

Pro Account

Team or Pro Accounts are available for approved commercial companies and organizations. Pro Accounts allow teams to add members under their account for additional points earned on every purchase. Features include:

  • Members must agree to join team account
  • Pro Account receives 1 point for every $2 spent
  • Points awarded on qualifying purchases
  • Points are redeemed in the form of digital gift cards
  • Points redeemable in $25 increments OR the full amount available
  • Points are redeemable 45-days post-purchase
  • Points must be redeemed within the same calendar-year in which they were issued.
  • Points cannot be combined with other offers, exchanged for cash or credit.


Where Can I See My Points?

While in the 'beta phase' you can email cs@weekendseve.com for an update anytime.

How Come Points Were Not Added From My Recent Purchase?

Points are only added to your account once they are considered 'redeemable' which is 45-days from when the order is fulfilled.

Am I Required to Receive All Marketing Emails To Be A Member?

No! You can opt out of marketing and promtional emails anytime and still maintain your member status. Please not that opting out will remove you from all email lists.

What Are Qualifying Purchases?

Any purchase that does not include an exclusive discount or promo code, closeout items, or affiliate purchase.

Instant Savings are considered qualifying purchases!

WE Reward Assists

The WE Rewards Referrals Progam carries all of the same perks as the standalone Affiliate Program with more ways to earn. Here you can exchange commissions for points at anytime!

  • Create Collab Account

    Sign up and receive a unique collaborator link upon approval.

  • Share Unique Link

    Send unique affiliate link via email and/or social media profiles.

  • Earn Commissions

    Receive a commission on every purchase made by referrals

  • Redeem Commissions

    Request amount you want sent directly to PayPal account

Referral Program Info


The WE Reward Referral Program is a community based channel for affiliates and influencers. After a manual process is completed, approved members are provided with a unique link that can be used to earn commissions on qualified purchases.

The referral program is a designed for anyone who owns or operates a website or blog, content creators, social media influencers, or publishers with directly relatable to products or services offered on WeekendsEve.
Share the unique link and earn commissions every time a purchase is made from your community. That's it!

- Earn up to 7% Commission Per Sale

- Commissions are redeemable 60-days post-purchase
- Payouts made directly to PayPal account


Commissions are earned on purchases made by referrals when the first interaction is made through affiliate links. Commissions are earned when referrals are made within the 60-days of first interaction. Commissions are tiered by purchase type, see table below:

Type Details Commission
Standard Direct referral purchase, no promo code or discount applied 7%
Assisted Referral purchase with promo code applied 5%
Automated Referral purchase with automatic discount applied (highest converting) 3%


  • Payouts are made to the PayPal account on file.
  • Payouts are eligible 60-days from when purchase is fulfilled.
  • Payouts are eligible for any amount with a $25 minimum.
  • Payouts for the full amount will be sent when account is closed.


The WE Reward Referral Program is only eligible to approved members with current and active accounts. All applicants must be approved through a manual process and provided a unique affiliate link in order to earn commissions. Members will be credited for any purchases made within 45-days of when the link was first accessed by new customers. We reserve the right to adjust or cancel any orders and commissions for any reason, including but not limited to order manipulation, pricing errors, use of prohibited promotional codes, inventory errors, and more.
Payouts are made bi-weekly, but can be requested at anytime for a minimum amount of $25. Accounts can be closed at anytime and the full amount or balance will be added to the next payout.
A valid PayPal account is required to be held on file at all times. All commissions will be sent to the account on file once requested.
WeekendsEve reserves the right to adjust or cancel commissions in full for any reason at anytime.