Storage Solutions


Saddle Racks

Saddle racks are a safe option to store dumbbells. Designed specifically for dumbbells the angled saddles for a quick and easy way to pick up and store dumbbells while preventing them from rolling.

 Pros Cons
Safe & Secure Limited Capability
Prevents Rolling Spacious
Easy Maintenance


SKU: M005C PPF-752
Dims: 33 x 48 x 21 in. 30 x 84 x 31 in.
Capacity: 5 Pairs 10 Pairs
Color: Black
Upgrade: No 3-Tier 15 pair



Tray Racks

Tray racks provide flexibility for dumbbells and free weights, including kettlebells. Shelves are typically angled, flat, or an adjustable combination.

 Pros Cons
Versatility Potential Rolling
Small Footprint Manually Organize
Adjustable Maintenance


SKU: M1575RB CDR-300 PPF-752T
Dims: 30 x 50 x 38 in. 21 x 56 x 40 in. 30 x 84 x 31 in.
Tray Depth: 11 in. 16 in. 18 in.
Tray Style: Fixed Adjustable Fixed
Color: Black Silver
Upgrade: No 3-Tier 3-Tier



Combo Racks

Combo racks provide the most flexibility allowing the user what items to dedicate shelf space to. Move racks as needed with convenient portable wheels.

 Pros Cons
Product Versatility Limited Space
Portable Maintenance
Divider Included


SKU:  M1620WBP
Color:  Black
Recommended Usage:  Bumper Plates & Wall Balls


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