Soccer Goal Types

When and who implemented the first soccer goal can draw up a variation of answers depending on who you ask. Some responses may include more questions – referring to the modern goal, first official game, etc. One thing we can all agree on, including Centenniels or iGeneration, is the expansion in types of soccer goals.

What started as a one-size fits all approach has rapidly changed and evolved with the sport, coaches, and athlete needs. Training, mobility, futsal, and durability are just a few of the factors that go into purchasing a goal nowadays.

Here is a quick list to help differentiate soccer goal types on WeekendsEve:


Pop Up Soccer Goal

Overview: Minimal if any assembly required. Nets and ground anchors typically pre-attached to quickly pop up for training or recreational play. Fully Collapsible Pop Up Goals

Pop Up Soccer Goals with Carrying Bag

  • Materials: Resilient synthetic such as fiberglass
  • Sizes: Small. Heights from 1-1/2 - 4-feet.
  • Design: Often oval, semi-circle, or rectangular shaped.
  • Ages: All ages and levels of competition



  • Simple set up and fully collapsible
  • Surprisingly durable for all ages
  • Net and ground anchors pre-attached
  • Lightweight, carrying bag typically included
  • Largest color selection


  • Recreation: Play with or make new friends at the park or beach
  • Backyard: Compact size small spaces
  • Indoor: Maintain position with sandbags or counterweights
  • Small Sided Games: No goalie needed
  • Skills Training: Target practice

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Soccer Training Goal

Overview: Step up from pop up goals, typically slightly larger in size with reinforced frames to withstand faster shots and player contact. Fully Collapsible Training Goals

Training Soccer Goals with Carrying Bag

  • Materials: Combination of synthetic and reinforcing metal
  • Sizes: Mid Size is most popular ranging from 4 - 7 feet in height
  • Design: Usually original goal design, some offer an oval or semi-circle in smaller sizes.
  • Ages: All ages and levels of competition. u11+ for 6-feet height and up.


  • Quick, no tools required
  • Reinforced base and ground stakes to secure positioning
  • Non-marking rubber feet prevent indoor floor damage
  • Flexible, decreases player contact injuries
  • Lightweight and comfortable solo transport


  • Recreation: Park or beach
  • Home: Front or backyard play or training
  • Indoor: Maintain position with sandbags or counterweights
  • Team Training: Small or full sided games goalies optional
  • Camps: Stations and games

Folding Goal

Overview: Folding or foldable goals are sturdy but still lightweight with a locking system such as push button, or telescoping poles. Nets are not always included, providing more freedom for customization. In most cases a quick set up and economical training option. Soccer Training Folding Goals

Training Soccer Goals with Carrying Bag

  • Materials: Synthetic, such as PVC, or thin metal frame
  • Sizes: Normally 4 to 8 ft. in height. Mid size is a popular option.
  • Design: Classic design; balanced depth provides stability without ground stakes
  • Ages: All ages


  • Quick and easy set up
  • Increased stability in high wind environments
  • Considerably durable with extended expected life span
  • Most are comfortably carried by 1 or 2 people
  • More net options


  • School: Seasonal use
  • Recreation: Park or beach
  • Indoor: Indoor, turf, or futsal games and training
  • Team Training: Small or full sided games goalies optional
  • Individual Training: Forward or goalie training

Flat Dual Side Goal

Overview: Two uprights with a range of crossbars from thin to regular. Great training tool for limited spaces. Flat Dual Side Training Goals

Full Size Flat Dual Side Training Goals

  • Materials: Normally a thinner metal or synthetic
  • Sizes: Most range from 6 to 8 feet in height. Width 12 - 24 feet.
  • Design: Classic design without depth with base plates or ground anchors
  • Ages: Ideal for ages u11+


  • Very quick and easy set up and clean up
  • Full size goal experience with small footprint
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Run multiple drills or games simultaneously
  • Doubles as net rebounder for individual training


  • Training: Individual or group sessions
  • Camps: Large groups with limited space
  • Team Training: Games or drills
  • Recreation: Set up at the park

Portable Soccer Goal

Overview: Most commonly used. The strongest, built for long term continuous usage. Standard sizes for the most part and many adhere to regulations and compliance for official game use. Customizable options from back bar to side and net options. Portable Soccer Goals

Portable Soccer Goals Corner Castings

  • Materials: Weather-resistant metal - galvanized steel or aluminum
  • Sizes: Height - 4, 6, 7, or 8 ft. Width - 6, 9, 12, 18, 21, or 24 ft.
  • Design: Standard classic design. Custom features available
  • Ages: Ideal for ages u11+


  • Built to endure continuous usage for multiple seasons
  • Provides a professional level aesthetic
  • Choose your post shape, sides, backstays, wheel kits, etc.
  • Heavier and less likely to tip over
  • Can use for official games and training


  • Camps: Development or academy programs
  • Youth Games: FIFA compliant available
  • High School & College: Align with field goal posts
  • Tournaments: Conveniently mobile for weekend tournaments
  • Training: Practice for all ages and levels of competition