Soccer Goal Size Chart

The sport of soccer has come a long way from its humble beginnings. While the exact origins are still up for debate, most will agree the Beautiful Game has evolved to new heights without losing its fundamental essence. From the way we train, play, and cheer everyone is enjoying the advancements made over the years. Although the concept has not changed, the Soccer Goal now has a number of creative options equipped with features designed to suit every purpose. To help guide those on their journey to find the perfect size soccer goal, here are some soccer goal size charts to assist in quickly finding the best soccer goal for the right application.

The United States Soccer Federation, USSF, the governing board for competitive play recently developed a list of initiatives and development rules for US players. This includes soccer goal size charts for all ages and recommended game play. The USSF recommended goal size by age and small-sided games soccer goal size chart Includes:


Regulation Size Soccer Goals

  U6- U9 U9 - U10 U11 - U12 12+
Max Height: 4' 6.5' 7' 8 ft.
Max Width: 6' 18.5' 21' 24 ft.