Sauna Buyer's Guide

Home Saunas Buyer's Guide for Relaxation, Wellness, and Muscle Recovery

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of relaxation and wellness has become increasingly important. One popular solution that offers both physical and mental benefits is the Home Sauna. By bringing the soothing experience of a sauna into your own space, you can enjoy the therapeutic effects whenever desired. To help find the best home sauna for your needs, we prepared a buyers guide to explore the wonders of home saunas, their health benefits, different types, installation considerations, and tips for creating a personal oasis.

Understanding the Benefits of Home Saunas:
a. Relaxation and Stress Relief: Saunas promote relaxation, reduce stress, and alleviate tension. The warm environment helps to release endorphins and ease both physical and mental strain.
b. Detoxification: Sweating in a sauna helps flush out toxins from your body, promoting a healthy glow and improved skin tone.
c. Improved Circulation: The heat from a sauna increases blood flow, which can enhance cardiovascular health and promote better oxygenation of tissues.
d. Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief: Saunas have been found to aid in muscle recovery, relieve muscle soreness, and alleviate joint pain.
e. Respiratory Benefits: The warm and humid environment of a sauna can help open up airways, providing relief for respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.

Types of Home Saunas:
a. Traditional Saunas: These saunas use a heating element, such as a stove or heater, to produce dry heat and maintain high temperatures.
b. Infrared Saunas: Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit radiant heat that directly warms the body, providing a gentle and comfortable experience.

Installation Considerations:
a. Location: Choose a suitable location for your sauna, considering factors such as available space, accessibility, and ventilation.
b. Size and Capacity: Determine the size and capacity of the sauna based on your needs and available space.
c. Electrical Requirements: Ensure that you have the necessary electrical connections to power the sauna.
d. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial to maintain a comfortable and safe environment within the sauna.

Creating The Ultimate Personal Oasis:
a. Design and Aesthetics: Consider the design elements that match your preferences and complement your home decor.
b. Seating and Relaxation Areas: Choose comfortable seating options and create a relaxing ambiance with lighting, music, or aromatherapy.
c. Accessories: Enhance your sauna experience with accessories such as towel racks, drink holders, and ergonomic backrests.
d. Maintenance and Cleaning: Follow manufacturer guidelines for routine maintenance and cleaning to ensure longevity and cleanliness.

The increase in home sauna popularity has led to an increase in products from established brands with some offering customizable features, Bluetooth and smart device capabilities. When creating the ultimate personal oasis, it's best to find the features that matter most to you at an irresistible price. To give you an idea of where to start, here's a quick comparison of some of the more popular models available at WeekendsEve:


  • Signature I

    • Capacity: 1 Person
    • Smart Capabilities: No
    • Exterior Dims (WxDxH): 44 x 42 x 79 in..
    • Heating Panels: 8
    • Low EMF: Yes
    • Electrical Requirements: 120V / 20 AMP
    Price: $4379 
  • Barcelona Elite

    • Capacity: 1-2 Persons
    • Smart Capabilities: Yes
    • Exterior Dims (WxDxH): 39 x 36 x 73 in.
    • Heating Panels: 6
    • Low EMF: Yes
    • Electrical Requirements: 120V / 15 AMP
    Price: $2999 
  • mPulse Aspire

    • Capacity: 1 Person
    • Smart Capabilities: Yes
    • Exterior Dims (WxDxH): 39 x 36 x 73 in.
    • Heating Panels: 12
    • Low EMF: Yes
    • Electrical Requirements: 120V / 20 AMP
    Price: $6598 

Additional Information


Signature 1 Barcelona Elite mPulse Aspire
Exterior Width 44 in. 39 in. 39 in.
Exterior Depth 42 in. 36 in. 36 in.
Exterior Height 79 in. 73 in. 73 in.
Interior Width 38 in. 36 in. 36 in.
Interior Depth 42 in. 32 in. 32 in.
Interior Height 72 in. 67 in. 67 in.

Smart Features

Signature 1 Barcelona Elite mPulse Aspire
Chromotherapy No Yes Yes
Audio Therapy / Sound System No Yes Yes (add-on required)
Bluetooth No Yes Yes

Heating Panels

Signature 1 Barcelona Elite mPulse Aspire
Temperature Range (Farenheit): 120 - 140 (when sitting on bench) 118 - 132 constant (140 peak) 120 - 140 (when sitting on bench)
Panel Type SoloCarbon NearZero Carbon SoloCarbon
Number of Panels 8 6 12
Heating EMFs "Lower than most common household items" Uder 3 MG "Lower than most common household items"


  • Signature 1
    • Limited Lifetime (7 Years): Cabinetry and heaters
    • 3-Years: Controls
    • 1-Year: Stereo
  • Barcelona Elite
    • 5-Year Limited: Cabientry, Heating Elements, and Electronics
  • mPulse Aspire
    • Limited Lifetime (7 Years): Cabinetry and heaters
    • 3-Years: Android control panel
    • 1-Year: Stereo

Investing in a home sauna brings the luxury and health benefits of spa-like relaxation directly to your doorstep. By incorporating a sauna into your daily routine, you can reap the rewards of improved physical and mental well-being. Remember to consult with professionals and follow safety guidelines during installation and usage. Create your personal oasis, embrace the rejuvenating power of heat, and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you with the blissful world of home saunas.

**This guide was intended to assist in the initial research stage and should not be considered the only source of information needed to make an informed purchase. For additional information on shipping fees or current lead times please check product pages. Be sure to consult with your physician or a medical professional before purchasing any sauna.