Softball Size Chart

The original indoor baseball has grown into a year-round increasingly globally popular sport in Softball. The sport has grown into an inclusive option with two primary rule sets: Slow Pitch and Fast Pitch. The most distinguishing factor in the two, is the ball. Softballs are certified for official game play based on a set of criteria, including the ball circumference, compression, weight, and more. In general, softball sizes are typically 11-12 inches in circumference but specifications will vary by league and levels of competition. The weight and ball compression are factors to consider to ensure the right ball is chosen based on the athletes age and strength. USA Softball, the governing body for the sport does provide ways to identify softballs, which include:


General Softball Chart Size
Circumference Weight Compression COR Game Play
10 in. Min. 5.5 oz. - - Boys
11 in. Min. 6 oz. 300 - 375 lbs. Max .520 -
11-7/8 - 12 in. Min. 6.25 oz. 275 - 375 lbs. Max .520 FP, SP
14" Min. 8 oz. - - SP
16" Min. 9 oz. Max. 375 lbs. Max .470 SP
*FP = Fast Pitch ; SP = Slow Pitch
* This chart simply represents the general guidelines for softballs by size. For a more detailed chart with suggestions on which ball to get by competition, please see here.