Wall Ball Size Chart

From the medicine ball family, wall balls may be the most complete all-in-one workout. Its wide diameter requires users to engage multiple muscle groups, resulting in a combination of cardio, strength and explosive workouts. Favored in strength and conditioning regimens for all ages and levels of fitness due to a soft shell that can provide a low impact yet effective workout in limited spaces. Find the perfect size wall ball available at WeekndsEve from the size chart below:


Wall Ball Size Chart
SKU Diameter Weight Material Texture Color
WB06 14 in 6 lbs. PVC Textured Black/Blue
WB08  8 lbs. Black/Green
WB10 10 lbs. Black/Turquoise
WB12 12 lbs. Black/Orange
WB14 14 lbs. Black/Gold
WB16 16 lbs. Black/Red
WB18 18 lbs. Black/White
WB20 20 lbs. Black/Blue
WB25 25 lbs. Black/Purple
WB30 30 lbs. Black/Yellow