Toning Ball Size Chart

The toning ball, also known as a mini exercise ball, is a small inflatable ball used for various exercises. A popular training tool physical rehab, functional training, yoga and pilates studios, the toning ball accommodates all levels of fitness. Since the ball is used in balance training, hand-eye coordination drills, and strength training workouts it's always recommended to choose the right size toning ball based on the application. See the size chart toning balls available on WeekendsEve below:



Toning Ball Size Chart
SKU Diameter Weight Material Texture Color
2222-SMB-2LB 4.7 in 2 lbs. PVC Smooth Green
2222-SMB-3LB 5.1 in 3 lbs. Red
2222-SMB-4LB 5.5 in 4 lbs. Blue
2222-SMB-5LB 5.9 in 5 lbs. Yellow
2222-SMB-6LB 6.3 in 6 lbs. Gray
2222-SMB-8LB 7 in 8 lbs. Black