Slam Ball Size Chart

Slam balls, also known as dead balls, are both compact and versatile often used in strength training, ballistic and functional workouts. They can be used for core and overhead exercises or increase bodyweight resistance. The ball size and texture are typically the determining factor when looking for the best slam ball based on the end application. A smooth or textured surface can make all the difference when completing a workout, while the ball diameter establishes user comfortability. Take a look at the slam ball sizes and surface types available on WeekendsEve, in the size chart below:

Slam Ball Size Chart
SKU Diameter Weight Material Surface Color
SB10 10 in 10 lbs. Rubber Smooth Black
SB15 15 lbs.
SB20 20 lbs.
SB25 25 lbs.
SB30 30 lbs.
2221-TSB10 9 in 10 lbs. PVC Textured
2221-TSB15 15 lbs.
2221-TSB20 20 lbs.
2221-TSB25 11 in 25 lbs.
2221-TSB30 30 lbs.
2221-TSB50 50 lbs.