Medicine Ball Size Chart

An exercise ball is described as any inflatable ball intended for some form of strength training. However, in most cases, medicine balls often come to mind. The medicine ball has far exceeded its original known application of prescribed exercise from physicians dating back to the 1700s. Medicine balls are now commonly used in physical therapy, plyometrics, sports and ballistic or functional training; requiring a combination of strength, balance and coordination. Finding the right size medicine ball is essential prior to purchase. Being there is no single standardize system, it's recommended to identify the ball diameter, weight, and texture to ensure it comfortably fits between the shoulder blades to increase workout effectiveness. Find a list of all medicine ball sizes available on WeekendsEve below:

Medicine Ball Size Chart
SKU Diameter Weight Material Surface Color
MDB06 9 in 6 lbs. PVC Textured Black/Green
MDB08 8 lbs. Black/Red
MDB10 10 lbs. Black/Blue
MDB12 12 lbs. Black/Gray
MDB14 14 lbs. Black/Orange
4075 7 in 2 lbs. Rubber Smooth Orange
4076 4 lbs. Green
4077 9 in 7 lbs. Orange
4078 9 lbs. Orange
4079 11 in 11 lbs. Red
4080 13 lbs. Orange
4081 15 lbs. Orange