Exercise Ball Size Chart

The term Exercise Ball is often used for a wide range of balls applied in physical rehab, athletic and strength training regimens. While  its definition is broad, in general, most exercise balls primary function is to strengthen the muscles. Designs are constantly improving to meet evolving needs. Finding an appropriate type, texture and the right size exercise ball is essential when reaching fitness goals. Choose from the list of exercise balls available on WeekendsEve below to find the perfect exercise ball size:


Exercise Ball Type Size Chart
Type Diameter Range Weight Range
Toning Balls 4.7" - 6.3" 2 - 8 lbs. Shop Now
Medicine Balls 7" - 11" 2 - 15 lbs. Shop Now
Slam Balls 9" - 11" 10 - 50 lbs. Shop Now
Wall Balls 14" 6 - 30 lbs. Shop Now