Baseball Size Chart

The standardization of baseballs was designed to create a level playing field for teams regardless of their league or region. Although pitchers are no longer responsible for manufacturing their own baseballs, both pitchers and batters were taken into consideration when establishing ball regulations. Regulation size baseballs are generally the same in size while NOCSAE differentiates ball  standards on the competition level. This creates a unique baseball size chart, broken into 3 categories as seen below:

Level Circumference  Diameter Weight C-D @ 0.25 COR
Low 9.0 - 9.25 in. 2.86 - 2.94 in. 5.0 - 5.25 oz. under 45 lbs. 0.45 - 0.555
Medium 75 - 150 lbs 0.50 - 0.555
High 200 - 350 lbs.


For additional information on weighted baseballs sizes, please see here: