Soccer Goals

Soccer goals have come a long way from its origin of a specified area or object being the target to ‘score’ to the wide range of options available today. From pop-up goals to semi-permanent or permanent goals there is an option for every age, level of competition, and application. Let’s take a look at some of the options available now at WeekendsEve:

Portable Goals:

Portable goals are explained in its name. These are goals that are relatively quick set up and can be transported from field to field or court. Portable goals have the most versatility in options, with options that range detached or attached netting, weighted standalone frames or may need stakes or pegs to hold the net and/or the goal down or even some lightweight options that are constructed once and can be moved by players by simply picking up the goal to relocate as needed. These come in handy in shared spaces, such as schools, parks, or indoor turf fields. They can be used for regulation size to small-sided games in the same training session.  These goals are favored by club or travel teams for their versatility, at homes for additional play or backyard training, and for schools where fields are altered for the sport of the season.

Indoor Goals:

Indoor or artificial grass turf goals are typically used on synthetic surfaces such as hardwood or artificial turf grass. In most cases, these goals will either have heavier or weighted frames that may cost more upfront but don't require or reduce the need to add sand bags, anchors, or counterweights.  These goals come in a range of sizes and can also be used in shared spaces such as multi-sport training facilities.

Outdoor / Street Goals: 

Outdoor or street soccer goals are one of the more modern options made available to soccer or futsal players and freestylers. In the past, players were confined to whatever was available to play on outdoor surfaces. Now, these options will often come with a weighted frame or come with additional weighted options such as sand bags, anchor bags, or anchor weights. Typically constructed with materials designed to withstand outdoor elements and all-weather conditions.

Futsal Goals: 

The US Futsal Federation requires official futsal goal sizes to be 3m (9.8 ft.) x  2m (6.6 ft.). This unique size is generally strictly used for game play and often come with steel goal posts that will last against continuous usage with a low bounce futsal ball. Folding futsal goals are often used for training and small group sessions when the length of the full court is not necessary. Any indoor soccer goal under futsal regulation goal size can be used for training, but most trainers and coaches promote training the way you play by practicing with regulation size goals.

Folding Goals: 

Folding goals are one of the best options for most training sessions due to their simple set up and durability. These low maintenance soccer goals come in a range of sizes for all ages. In most cases, netting comes attached to the unit and will either have a weighted frame or require stakes, anchors, or sand bags to hold the goal down. A common feature of folding goals is rubber feet – this prevents or limits skids or markings on indoor floors. Folding goals are extremely versatile and in some cases can be used on hardwood, artificial turf, natural grass, and sand with the same product - making it the most cost-effective goal over time.

Pop Up Goals: 

Pop up soccer goals are the quickest set up and require the least amount of maintenance. Generally smaller in size, ranging from 2’ x 3’ to 3’ x 6’. Pop up goals can be used for youth training or games, recreational play, and small-sided games, 1-on-1 training or more advanced drills and target practice in competitive settings. These goals are typically very light in weight, come with attached netting and some type of stake, peg, or anchor to hold them down. In most cases the goals are quickly folded into a small carry bag for convenient transport and storage. Most pop up goals are sold in pairs and are usually one of the most inexpensive options.

Flat Dual Sided Goals: 


Backyard Goals: 


Semi-Permanent Goals: 


Permanent Goals: